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Kevin McCaffrey
Letterman, truTV's World's Dumbest

Kevin McCaffrey is a comedian and writer based out of New York City. Originally from Chicago, he graduated from Ball State University despite the school’s general policy of taking attendance. Since 2004 he has been a contributing monologue writer for the Late Show with David Letterman. Kevin has also appeared on The Late Show many times as an actor, once being hosed down by Dave with a fire extinguisher. To his knowledge, this is an honor Kevin shares only with Richard Simmons.

When asked to describe his exceedingly unique brand of comedy, Kevin said “What I do, is I try to say stuff that’s funny.” That’s how avant-garde he is! As a performer, he relies on content more than volume; he’s not the crazy fat guy, or the crazy angry guy, or the crazy gay guy. At least not yet.

Kevin has also written for VH1, National Lampoon, and various celebrities who want something kind of funny to say at awards shows. He currently co-hosts a weekly show on East Village Radio that can be listened to if you really know how to work the internet. He writes and performs sketches with Vicarious George, with some videos showing on

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